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12 Nov 2022
Countries in Pictures – Travel Talk Series- JORDAN by Mr. Vincent WONG
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15 Oct 2022
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8 Oct 2022
Countries in Pictures – Travel Talk Series- ICELAND by Mr. Vincent WONG
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26 Sep 2022
HKUAA Professional Group Webinar - Linkedin personal branding and career tips by Ms. Hayley Law and Ms. Nicole Hui
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24 Sep 2022
The New Normal of Future Food and its Post-pandemic Trend (疫後未來食品新常態) from Dr. Fong (方麗影博士) on 24 Sept 2022 (Sat Afternoon)
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17 Sep 2022
Popular Science Talk Series METEORITE by Mr. Vincent WONG
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17 Sep 2022
HKUAA Chritmas Caroling - Member Recruitment
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3 Sep 2022
Countries in Pictures – Travel Talk Series- GALAPAGOS ISLANDS by Mr. Vincent WONG
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Hong Kong University Alumni Association

Countries in Pictures – Travel Talk Series - TRANSCAUCASIA: Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia

Countries in Pictures – Travel Talk Series

Traveling to world’s ancient countries through talks and rich collections of pictures

TRANSCAUCASIA: Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia by Mr. Vincent WONG

Located on the peripheries of Iran, Russia and Turkey, these three subject countries
have been an arena for political, military, religious and cultural rivalries and
expansion for centuries. Throughout their history they had come under control of
various empires including the Achaemenid, Parthian, Roman, Sassanian, Byzantine,
Mongol, Ottoman, Iranian and Russia Empires before they gained independence.
Despite the turmoil, they somehow managed to maintain their rich and unique
cultures. This, together with their many unspoiled scenic attractions, make them
ideal travel destinations.
Testimonials from participants of previous travel talks and study tours led by Vincent:
“I have learnt a lot on this subject!”
“Very comprehensive indeed. Thanks!”
“Very useful guide for my future trip!”
”Now what I have seen makes much more sense. Thank you!”

About the Speaker

Mr. Vincent WONG

Graduated from HKU in physical Geography 1971
‧ MD Jardine Transport Services Group 1971-2000
‧ MD Kerry Logistics Group 2000-2009
‧ Fellow Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics
‧ Fellow Chartered Institute of Shipbrokers
‧ Lecturing Logistics as Adjunct Associate Professor at CUHK and Professor of
Practice at PolyU.
‧ Visited over 100 countries including Antarctica, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Georgia,
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Madagascar, Namibia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Iceland,
Mexico, Galapagos, Mauritius, Easter Island, Chile, Ecuador, Canary Island,
Azores Island plus many places in China such as Inner Mongolia and Qinghai.
Acted as organiser and tour leader in many trips.
‧ Give talks regularly to members of the HK Geological Society and HK
Mineralogy Society.


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