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30 Aug 2021
HKUAA Professional Webinar: 5G speeds up Digital Transformation in the Smart City Era (30 Aug 2021)
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24 Aug 2021
HKUAA Professional Group Webinar - Impact of US monetary policy normalisation on global investment markets
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14 Aug 2021
Countries in Pictures – Travel Talk Series - IRAQ – Unveiling its history of glory, sophisticated culture, unique landmarks and geography by Mr. Vincent WONG
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14 Aug 2021
HKUAA Visit to Kwai Chung Recycling Centre 「齊惜福」葵涌回收中心 (14 August 2021 Sat Morning)
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23 Jul 2021
HKUAA BBQ Dinner at Aberdeen Boat Club
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17 Jul 2021
HKUAA Guided Tour to Biodiversity Journey of Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum (HKBM)
by HKUAA Green and Culture Group
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15 Jul 2021
4th talk: Invest in alternatives assets that are tangible and fun - by Alexandra YUNG
(Series 2: Investment, HKUAA Connect with the Experts Programme)
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22 Jun 2021 - 15 Jul 2021
HKUAA Connect with the Experts Programme (Virtual talks)
Series 2: Investment
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HKUAA Community Services Group - 【慢活‧自在每一天】



又到一年一度東華三院友心情網上電台舉辦的老爺車遊藝會!與往年一樣,香港大學校友會會以行動支持他們推廣關注精神健康的認識及重要性。今年我們會參與他們的Cheer up城市定向,以大哥哥、大姐姐的身份督導並協助中學組參加者於港島區多個檢查站及古董電車上完成「減壓一分鐘」的遊戲任務。大家踴躍參與,與中學生們一起學習慢活‧自在每一天吧!





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