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30 Aug 2021
HKUAA Professional Webinar: 5G speeds up Digital Transformation in the Smart City Era (30 Aug 2021)
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24 Aug 2021
HKUAA Professional Group Webinar - Impact of US monetary policy normalisation on global investment markets
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14 Aug 2021
Countries in Pictures – Travel Talk Series - IRAQ – Unveiling its history of glory, sophisticated culture, unique landmarks and geography by Mr. Vincent WONG
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14 Aug 2021
HKUAA Visit to Kwai Chung Recycling Centre 「齊惜福」葵涌回收中心 (14 August 2021 Sat Morning)
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23 Jul 2021
HKUAA BBQ Dinner at Aberdeen Boat Club
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17 Jul 2021
HKUAA Guided Tour to Biodiversity Journey of Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum (HKBM)
by HKUAA Green and Culture Group
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15 Jul 2021
4th talk: Invest in alternatives assets that are tangible and fun - by Alexandra YUNG
(Series 2: Investment, HKUAA Connect with the Experts Programme)
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22 Jun 2021 - 15 Jul 2021
HKUAA Connect with the Experts Programme (Virtual talks)
Series 2: Investment
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Hong Kong University Alumni Association

01 Mar 2015 (Sun)
Terrarium DIY Workshop

by HKUAA Green and Culture Group

Terrarium DIY Workshop
Create your miniature ecosystem!

***The event is FULL already.***
Always cannot catch up with the registration because it is full quickly? Let's join the Facebook Group of HKUAA Green and Culture Group to get our most updated information:

Date March 1, 2015 (Sun)
Time 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Venue Hong Kong University Alumni Association Clubhouse
Room 101, 1/F, Yip Fung Building, 2 D'Aguilar Street, Central (near Lan Kwai Fong)
Speaker Mr. Bill Kwok and Liz Au Yeung of Glass Farm HK
Language Cantonese
Fee HK$ 338


Always fancy being a farmer to plant your own dream garden? Having a headache preparing a heart-warming gift to surprise your sweetie for the White Valentine’s Day? A terrarium that houses a miniature ecosystem is a perfect choice for you to express your love or add a little greenery to your home or office! Inside the transparent glass container, you could build your fairytale world with fresh moss and adorable miniatures. 

The workshop includes a standard vessel with terrarium essentials (fresh moss, dry moss and activated charcoal), preserved moss in different colours, deco-rocks, as well as few animal or cartoon miniatures of your choice. You are also welcome to bring any small plastic miniatures for adding a personal touch. With just a bit of patience and creativity, you could bring to life a masterpiece of imagination in easy steps.

Don't hesitate to join although you are too busy to take care of the plants or you just don’t have a "green thumb"! The terrarium is easy to make and the moss can survive and thrive even with little clean water and indoor lighting. Our instructors will guide you through very simple maintenance tips, as well as dos and don’ts to keep your terrarium alive.

Welcome to bring your family and friends to join.

Standard vessel (with lid, 14cm x 9cm, included in the workshop fee):

Other vessels available upon prior request (please indicate your preference in remarks during registration; extra fee will be charged at the event):

Option A
(without lid, 12.5cm x 13cm)
Additional $40
Option B
(with lid, 13cm x 13cm)
Additional $60
Option C
(without lid, 10cm x 10cm)
Additional $80

Miniature available for free selection:

*The above pictures are all provided by Glass Farm HK.


ALL of our past events were FULLY BOOKED in advance. Please make your reservation RIGHT NOW!!!


Enquiries: Please email to (Attn: Ms. Sharon Lam / Mr. Brian Hui) or call Ms. Sharon Lam, HKUAA Administration, at +852 2522-6113 .


***The event is FULL already.***
Always cannot catch up with the registration because it is full quickly? Let's join the Facebook Group of HKUAA Green and Culture Group to get our most updated information:

Your reservation will be responded within 7 working days. 

Terms and Notes


All HKU Alumni, HKU Students and their personal friends are welcome to join this event. You can make one lump sum payment if you enroll with your friend(s). Please advise the name(s), email and mobile phone number.

Please note that payment is
non-refundable. We will charge you only if has place(s) for you. However, you will NOT be charged when the event is fill or/and no place(s) for you. We will advise whether you get place(s) in due course.

You may visit our website before you enroll as we will update the event information frequently. Please note that we will not be responsible for any delay in the information.


During the event, please follow all rules and instructions strictly made by HKUAA or the service provider. Please act responsibly and HKUAA will not be liable for any damage, injury or any serious consequences that may be caused.


HKUAA reserves all the rights to make final decision on all related issues.




If you have not yet registered as a HKUAA Member, please do so at our website, FREE membership for all HKU alumni and students.

(*Note: All HKU Alumni are eligible to join, but you NEED to fill in an online application form and submit it for approval by HKUAA. Membership is NOT granted automatically upon graduation.)

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